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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

Waring Brooke is a young British knitwear brand, founded by Samatha Brooke, that has become a firm favourite in recent years. But Waring Brooke is far from an overnight success, this is the second version of the brand that has so many important values at its heart.

Samantha shares how she found knitwear from art, what the first version of Waring Brooke looked like, why being sustainable and British is really important, and how Waring Brooke and its ability to create unique, monogrammed accessories allows customers to become part of the brand. In fact, their initials can be knitted into the socks, snoods, headbands and more that are available.

This is a really fab listen about all things Waring Brooke and how Samantha is a lady of many, many talents.