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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Podmas has started (yay!) and on this episode we're catching up with Jane Badger (Jane Badger Books), Liz Daniels (EquiTeam) and Tracey Cole (Tracey Cole NLP).

Not only do we hear about their businesses and how they can help you with your Christmas gifting dilemmas, they also share their Christmas thoughts, whether...

Nov 22, 2023

Superpowers aren't just reserved for superheroes, far from it, we have superpowers (things we can do better than others- that's my definition anyway!) and we can even develop them if we put the work in.

When we look at people's attributes/qualifications/achievements/skills, some seem to shine brighter than others. These...

Nov 15, 2023

If you've always thought that a merchandiser was solely concerned with how to display product, think again, there's a LOT more to this role than you (or I!) might think, as Sarah Giddings, founder of The Stables Retail Consultancy shares on today's podcast.

On this episode, Sarah talks about her journey from high...

Nov 8, 2023

Awareness days can be an incredible part of your content calendar, and a huge force for good. Some brands get on board and promote the messaging, raise money for the cause or charity, and generally do really good, positive things that help truly support the cause.

And some, don't.

As we emerge from October and Breast...

Nov 1, 2023

Childs Farm is a brand I know well, thanks to one of my children using a whole lot of it when he was small, but I didn't know all about the lady behind the brand until we chatted for this week's podcast- and what a lady she is!

Joanna Jensen started her Childs Farm journey in response to her own daughter's need for...