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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

If you've tuned in before, you might well have 'met' Emma Warren. If not, don't worry - you're about to! Emma is MD of Hiho Silver, a brand I have the pleasure of working with. In September, Hiho ran its first 'instameet' style event, Style Skills & Silver, and in this podcast we chat about it.

Style, Skills & Silver...

Dec 19, 2018

Should you do your own PR? I believe that you should. Don't shoot me or send any hate mail, I'm not turning on PR people here, I'm actually trying to help!

See, I believe that for many businesses, particularly niche ones, it is possible to do your own PR and you should try. Why? Because doing this not only helps you...

Dec 12, 2018

Laura Hodgkins is better known as Girl About The Farm and, particularly on Instagram, has built up a sizeable tribe of fans and followers. But she's only been farming two years. And before that was a real city girl!

In this podcast, Laura chats about making the change from city life to country life, the different...

Dec 5, 2018

Content. Do you hear that word a lot?! I feel like I say it a lot. And in this episode I say it a LOT, so apologies in advance!

The thing is, content is vital for your business. But you can make it work for you. Blogging might be the most obvious form of content, but there's plenty more to choose from! 

In this episode...

Nov 28, 2018

In this episode I talk to equine photographer Sophie Callahan about her pregnancy. Well, not the pregnancy as such, but how a very challenging pregnancy has already changed her business, how she's planning to evolve in her business moving forward, coping with a small child and working, and lots more too. It's a good one...