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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

There are a few swear words in this one... so not one to listen to with the kids!

I am delighted to share this week's podcast with equestrian celeb Victoria Brant - aka Diary of a Wimpy Eventer. It'll have you in stitches very early on and (in my opinion!) delivers throughout.

Victoria started her Facebook page 'Diary...

Oct 23, 2019

The final countdown to Christmas is on, and if you're a brand, blogger or influencer, you need to be making plans for Christmas!

For shops and brands, Christmas is a big deal, and that's why working out your content when you have a little breathing space before it all starts properly is a really good idea. The...

Oct 16, 2019

Is work/life balance a myth? Or you bored of trying to find the perfect moment of balance and falling short? Worry not - this is the podcast for you.

In the second episode recorded in front of an audience, I chat to Victoria Bodey (founder of Equiboodle), Sophie Callahan (Sophie Callahan Photography), Emma Warren (Hiho...

Oct 9, 2019

Have you ever had a spark of an idea that scared you a bit... but then kind of got a mind of its own? Yeah- that's exactly what happened with the Small & Supercharged Podcast Live!

I had an idea to do a live recording of the Small & Supercharged Podcast a while ago - inspired by the fact that the podcast is now over a...

Oct 2, 2019

This is the first EVER Small & Supercharged Podcast Live, meaning that this episode was recorded in front of an audience.

Victoria Bodey is the founder of Equiboodle, the most beautiful tack shop, based in Cirencester. From 'accidentally' starting a business when she decided to sell her own competition kit, Victoria has...