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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Making money while you sleep aka passive income isn't just a dream, in fact, many people can use their skills and knowledge to provide education and services in automated ways, as Lucy Griffiths, online entrepreneur and author of Make Money While You Sleep explains.

But Lucy didn't just decide to launch into the online world on a whim, and it was actually some pretty harrowing events and a traumatic birth that led her to a complete career change, from globe-trotting journalist to online course creator. 

This is a really brilliant interview and shows the journey Lucy has taken to get to where she is- using her experiences to shape her next step and not letting health challenges stop her, but more cause a pivot in how she spreads her message. She also used a particular event she was told about as a foundation to want to do more good, which I find particularly inspiring.

Do be warned though- this podcast is labelled as explicit for good reason and I would advise you to skip the first four minutes or so if you're triggered by acts of violence against women or if you're around young/sensitive people as an incident is described in graphic detail.