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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

Have you ever wanted to be a guest on a podcast? Or have you ever wondered how a podcast host decides who to have on the show, and who to say 'no thank you' to? Well, I am about to lift the lid on it... because I think, as with so many things, it's useful to see it from both sides of the fence.

You might be surprised to learn that I have a LOT of requests from people to be on this very podcast here. And the vast majority of the time, the 'pitches' come from people who I've never heard of or interacted with before. And I can't think of one of those people i have said yes to. On this podcast, I share why that is, how to improve your chances of making the cut if you decide to pitch to be on anyone's podcast, and some things that I always look for (and rarely see) when it comes to podcast pitches that I receive...

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