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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

May 4, 2022

Sue Williams is an incredible animal trainer... not just a dog trainer, president of the Guide of Dog Trainers, a professional behaviour consultant, TV star and more, she's also trained a record breaking llama and a display pig too!

During covid, Sue started doing work online- something that she'd previously shied away from, but something that was the only option with restrictions. In addition to online consultations, Sue also developed an online training platform called Pawesome, to create an online training community for people wanting to train their dogs.

In addition to chatting about all of the above, Sue chats about some of her incredible training stories, the work she does, covid puppies, and so much more too. 

Sue has been a huge help to me personally in finding our puppy Indy and is a real wealth of knowledge on all things dog. She's incredible.