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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

Have you heard of #SheMeansBusiness, She's Got This, or the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs? These are just three campaigns run by Enterprise Nation to help support female founders... and on this episode I got to chat to Lauren Malone, the lady responsible for these three campaigns and more.

In addition to sharing her passion for supporting females in business, Lauren also talks about the challenges of moving from a predominantly off line event platform to a completely online service (thanks to Covid), how she and the team have adjusted, the positive impact this has had, the fact that Zoom fatigue is real, and so much more. We also explore the #SheMeansBusiness programme, She's Got This, and the flagship Festival Of Female Entrepreneurs event. 

I have the privilege of working with Lauren through the #SheMeansBusiness campaign, which is a programme run by Enterprise Nation and powered by Facebook to help ladies get online and improve their digital skills, to help further their business and brand. To find out more, hop over to Enterprise Nation - it's all there!