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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

Liz Somerville is the Practice Manager and Managing Director at Loch Leven Equine Practice, a business she owns with her husband, vet Hugh Somerville. With a very exciting ahead and some great things that have happened in 2019, it's a great episode.

2019 has seen the launch of Loch Leven's own podcast, The Podcasting Equine Vets, and this is one of Liz's highs for 2019. Having this podcast, I can completely relate to the thrill of podcasting - I mean there's LOTS of work too, but it is special. We also chat about Hugh's trip to Tokyo next year, whether food or family is the highlight of Christmas, and what Liz has asked Santa for this year.

This is part of the Small & Supercharged Podcast's Podmas where each day, between 1-24th December I'll be sharing some Christmas cheer.

Music used -"Jingle bells" by