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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Aug 28, 2019

Before you listen to this - please be aware that I do not think I have this work/life/mum balance thing sorted.

I'm doing this podcast because it was requested over and over again. I don't feel I have this nailed. But I hope that in sharing this and how I 'do it all' you might feel inspired, take a little comfort from the fact that we're all winging it, or get a few ideas on how to make your work/life/mum life balance a little easier.

I do have some things right (I think), the start of something things I can improve on (delegation!) and there are lots of tips I've shared here. I hope that you'll find some tips, ideas and hacks that might  help your business to help you power on, achieve more... and bring you a little more peace of mind too. As that's really important.

In this episode I talk about how as a self employed person my life and work do meld together and the line between the two is blurred, and how little life hacks (like meal planning) can and do and have a positive impact on my business. I go into detail about lots of things, from why I love my cleaning lady (and why I think it's so good for my business) to the joys to the slow cooker... and working your backside off too! Enjoy x