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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

The thought of public speaking strikes fear into the heart of many a brave business owner... and I was the same until a few years ago. But in just two days time, I'm speaking at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, and I don't feel scared at all. I feel excited. But it wasn't always that way.

Don't worry, this isn't a podcast all about what a great public speaker I am- that would be a rubbish listen (and I can always improve!), but as I know this is such an issue for so many, I wanted to share a little about how I overcame my real fears about it. The thing is, public speaking and sharing your message can be great for the people listening and you as a brand too. Meaning that if you can work on how you feel about it, it could reap huge rewards for all concerned. This is what I did. I'm not saying it was conventional or that you should try it too, but it definitely worked for me.