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The Small & Supercharged Podcast

May 27, 2020

Building an authentic social media following is hard, isn't it? You have to keep showing out, creating content, engaging... the list goes on. But is there an easier way? A fake way?!

As you'll probably know, you can buy followers and likes on the different platforms, but in this podcast I use this as an example of why a fake following is worth very very little, and why it's SO much better to seek those genuine connections, those actual people who care about you and your business, and to put the time into engaging with your people- your tribe.

There are lots of reasons why growing a fake following is a waste of your time and, actually, could hurt your account too, as you'll find out about in this podcast.

And I also chat about a few things you really need to do, yes you, to help grow your account with the right people...